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Thermal Power Plant Turning Gear

Turning gear in gas and steam power plants is considered as one of the most important turbine auxiliaries, which is used to speed-up the turbine during start-up and cool it down during shutdown.
Due to the life of the power plants, the modernization of old systems is very important and it is possible to replace the old Pelton turning gears with hydraulic turning gears made by Durali System Design and Automation Company.

The most important achievements in this process are:

– Acquisition of thermal power plant turning gear technical knowledge

– Designing and manufacturing of test stand simulators for testing and calibration of turning gears

– Designing and manufacturing of two-piece gear with high accuracy

– Machining hydraulic blocks of iron alloys based on the use of cartridge hydraulic valves

DSDA designed two types of turning gear, hydraulic and electric type (according to the client’s needs). The turning gear units include a hydraulic or electric drive system, gearbox, hydraulic or pneumatic engagement system, hydraulic speed control block, etc.

To test the turning gears according to the standards, a special hydraulic test stand has been designed and manufactured by DSDA. The test stand simulates the operating condition for the turning gear unit and tests its functionality.