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Burner Rig

Burner Rig is a test stand that simulates similar conditions in term of temperature and corrosive substances of the gases in gas turbines, for testing the thermal coating of the turbine blades. The burner rig system is used to test high temperature hot corrosion, oxidation and thermal fatigue on gas turbine blade coating materials for a long time (up to 1000 hours) according to the international standards.

The maximum temperature of hot gases in this device is 1550 °C and the maximum temperature on the surface of the samples is 1220 °C. In addition, it is possible to create a temperature gradient on the samples up to 150 °C/cm.

This system includes a control room, a furnace that simulates test conditions, safety and protection equipment.

Installed Project

PARTO- MAPNA Group, Tehran Province, Iran – 2016