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Acoustic Robots (Saba Garden Performance Hall)

Theaters typically feature a variety of artworks (such as movies, live shows, concerts, and formal events). In each of these programs, the sound characteristics that are transmitted to the audience will be different. These differences must be applied simultaneously with the change of use of the hall, which is provided by creating a movable roof with variable geometry.

During Saba garden project, acoustic robots with the ability to change the height, angle, plates as well as the absorption coefficient of the plates for optimal transmission of sound to the audience in various applications of the hall, was designed. The prototype was made and approved by the client.

The main components of this system include:
 – winch with a load capacity of 500 kg
 – electrical Linear Actuators
 – encoder for reading telescopic height position
 – limit switch to detect telescopic elevation positions as well as device safety
 – cable protective chains

 – electrical panel

This system is a new and completely innovative technology from DSDA Company and no similar systems have been invented for it so far.
The patent “US20190292774A1 : Controlling acoustics of a performance space ” has been registered for this system.

Installed Project

Saba Garden Performance Hall, Tehran Province, Iran- 2016