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Reconstruction of Tehran City Theater Machinery

In the most advanced performance halls and theaters in the world, modern equipment is used, which provides significant facilities to the director to better description of his ideas and special effects of the play. Safety standards and creativity in design needs, has made this market already monopolized by a few limited companies in the world.

In the City Theater project, at the request of the client, a set of moving and adjustable equipment has been designed to picture imaginations that were not previously on display. Modification and installation of equipment such as Rotating Stage, Lifters, Lights Bridge, Fly Bars and other similar equipment along with a fully advanced control system and in accordance with international standards in this large hall will help the director to bring many theatrical ideas to the theater stage.

General specifications of the main equipment designed and built are:

 – Fly bars

   moving speed between 0.1 to 1.5 m/s continuously

   cargo capacity 100 to 600 kg

   rod length 4 to 20 meters

   moving course up to 30 meters

 – Lights bridge

   moving speed 0.2 m/s

   ability to install up to 64 projectors

 – Lifters

   moving speed between 0.1 to 0.3 m/s

   static load capacity between 10 to 25 Tons and dynamic load between  7 to 16 tons depending on the dimensions of the stage

 – Rotating stage

   rotational speed up to 2 rpm

   static load capacity 300 and dynamic load capacity 150 kg per square  meter

 – Actor lift

   moving speed between 0.1 to 1 m/s

   capacity of static load 500 and dynamic load 200 kg per square meter

Installed Project

Tehran City Theater, Tehran Province, Iran- 2018