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Spin Tester

This device is designed to perform high spin test (up to 40,000 rpm) on disks up to 120 cm in diameter and temperature 650°C to ensure the correct operation of turbine and compressor disks or to study the occurrence and progress of cracks in them before installation in aircraft engines.

The main parts of the spin test machine include test case assembly, rotary motor and transmission system, hydraulic power unit for lubrication and cooling of system, gearbox, vacuum system, heating, and cooling system, control and monitoring system and data logging system.

The device is used for rotors with up to 1650 mm outer diameter and up to 950 mm length. In addition, the test speed is up to 16,000 rpm and the test temperature is between -30 to +300 degrees Celsius. The test stand is capable of rotational test and rotational-thermal test on the test object.

DSDA has enough experience on designing various test stands of this kinds. We provide test rigs based on your request.

Installed Project

Tehran Province, Iran – 2014