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Hydraulic Turning Gear for Thermal Power Plant

Turning gear in thermal power plants is considered as one of the most important turbine auxiliaries, which is used to speed-up the turbine during start-up and cool it down during shutdown. Due to the life of the power plants, the modernization of old systems is very important and it is possible to replace the old Pelton turning gears with hydraulic turning gears made by DSDA company for gas turbines.
The main gear is a two-piece set that can be installed on the turbine shaft. In addition, the gears have the ability to engage and disengage at 100 rpm.
The turning gear system is connected to the interface shaft between the turbine and the generator and it is responsible for rotating the turbine shaft in Start-up and cool down operating modes.
Turning gear design includes three main parts; mechanical design (main gear and shaft cover, body and engagement mechanism design), hydraulic design (hydraulic motor and hydraulic valves selection and piping system design), electrical design and extracting control logic.
The turning gear system includes hydraulic motor, engaging mechanism, gear system, body, hydraulic equipment and precision instruments. 


TUGA Company- MGT-75 Turbine

Target Market

Thermal Power Plant

Installed Project

Tehran Province, Iran- 2021


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