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Dust Remover Hopper

The design and construction of a dust remover hopper will reduce workplace pollution and airborne dust during loading, reduce the cost of cleaning and maintenance due to high dust for equipment exposed to dust. In other words, the hopper controls the flow rate by adjusting the output nozzle during discharging the material. This prevents discontinuities in the material flow and does not create dust.

DSDA company designed and manufactured dust remover hopper in order to prevent the production of dust during loading or unloading of materials with a nominal capacity of 3 Tons per hour for a material with an average density of 2500 kg / m3 in the open air.

This device can be designed in capacities of 5 to 300 tons per hour and reduce up to 95% of ambient dust.  It should be noted that these numbers are also expandable for more capacity.

In addition to the mining industry, this equipment is used in the food industry in the production, transportation of materials such as sugar or flour that have fine particles, to prevent the above-mentioned damage and product loss. 

Installed Project

Golgohar Mining and Industrial Company, Sirjan City, Kerman Province, Iran- 2021