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Automatic Grinding Ball Charger

Automatic grinding ball charger machine is used for separating, counting and sorting a certain number of balls in the defined schedule from a ball tank and transferring it to the consumer. The machine  is well-designed to prevent bridging  and clogging the gates and ducts while continuously charging the ball.

The device with a tank storage capacity of 1 ton to 30 Tons of balls and above, maximum charge rate of one ball per second, has the ability to count the number of balls fed to mill, setting time intervals and the number of balls to be fed to the mill and also separate balls with a diameter of 25 to 125 mm and above.

A screen and a simple user interface are embedded for operators to send commands and monitor the history of charged and recorded values. Plus, it is possible to get reports of the number of balls consumed and balls still in the tank.

Continuous bullet charging in mill is an alternative to the traditional manual charging method, which has the following benefits:

 – increasing the efficiency

 – reducing fluctuations in engine power and the mill shocks

 – reducing required manpower

 – recording history and detailed report of charge amount

This machine is suitable for ball mills and semi-autogenous.

Installed Project

Tehran Province, Iran- 2021