Theater Machinery

In the most advanced performance halls and theaters in the world, modern equipment is used, which provides significant facilities to the director to better description of his ideas and special effects of the play. Safety standards and creativity in design needs, has made this market already monopolized by a few limited companies in the world.Durali System Design and Automation Company was able to find its place in the domestic market of theater equipment in a short period of time and undertake construction of large projects in well-known theater halls in the country.

Until 2014, all the machine equipment of the halls was imported in the country. Since then, DSDA Company has started many researches on these equipment, and today, by acquiring complete technical knowledge of these equipment, not only has been able to own its style, also has registered patents in this field in the United States.

Machine systems are used to enhance the quality of theater and music in amphitheaters. This equipment, which is composed of different mechanical parts, plays an important role in the rapid change of decoration, lighting, acoustics and increasing the productivity of the halls. In fact, both on and under the stage, a huge set of equipment must be installed.

This equipment includes the following:

– Fly bar
– Acoustic robot
– Light bridge
– Scene lift system
– Rotating scene
– Actor lift
– Control panel

The most important achievements of DSDA Company in this field are:

– Design and acquisition of technical knowledge of link lifts

– Very complex and accurate design and manufacture of link lifts as the second largest manufacturer of this product in the world

– Design and localization of technical knowledge of acoustic robots with unique properties that have been registered worldwide

– Telescopic mechanism design with very high accuracy (less than 1 mm)

– Design of fly bar system with variable speed

– Design of pressure sensitive sensors

– Design and construction of mobile light bridge in large dimensions

– Design and construction of control panel

– Design of machine tools for making grooved drums

– Design of a scene machine simulation system for designers to use

– Design of a control handle for periodic repairs