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Daryan Hydro Power Plant Governors

Three governor units for Daryan hydro power plant (with capacity of 70 MW, each)
Type of turbine: Francis
Main working modes are:
– Start-up
– Speed Control
– Synchronization
– Power Mode
– Opening Mode
– Island Mode
– Shutdown
For more protection, the system is also equipped with mechanical and electrical overspeed. The governor can control the turbine in different modes such as speed control, power control, opening control, island control. These governors designed and built in accordance with IEC and IEEE standards.
The governing system includes following sections:
– Hydraulic Oil Sump
– Pressure Vessel
– Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) Control Panel
– Governor Control Panel
– Wicket Gate Servomotors Position Monitoring
– Overspeed and Speed Monitoring System


Target Market

Hydro Power Plants


Daryan Power Plant, Paveh City, Kermanshah Province, Iran- 2017


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