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Gas Turbine Gas Skid Design

The main task of gas skid is to receive natural gas with different conditions and deliver it to the combustion chamber in the required conditions (flow, pressure and temperature). In addition, it measures and reports mass flow, pressure and temperature as required by the control system. Controlling opening of the inlet valves and monitoring required parameters are gas skid responsibilities.

Gas skids include control valves, shut-off valves, filters, measuring instruments, shut-off valves with hydraulic actuators, hydraulic blocks, directional and servo valves.
Permissible working temperature range of gas skid is from 0 to 85 degrees Celsius and equipment are prepared and manufactured for maximum 40 bar pressure.

According to the client request, this gas skid is designed for different modes of inlet gas, normal conditions and preheating gas.

Installed Project

Tuga Company,  MGT-75 Turbine, Tehran Province, Iran – 2020 and 2022