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Uma Oya Liner Installation Robot

The Uma Oya project was a multipurpose water transmission, power plant and flood control plant in Sri Lanka. It is one of the largest international projects of Iran in recent years.

This project penstock has a pressure shaft with a height of 620 meters (one of the rarest shafts in similar projects) and a surge shaft with a height of 140 meters. Due to technical considerations such as personal protection against falling rocks and water during installation from the shaft wall and also the geometry of the shaft, the common method of installation was not possible.

In this project, DSDA has invented a new method in which, contrary to the usual procedure, the pipes are carried from the bottom to the top of the shaft, and the pipe sections are installed from top to bottom, hanged on the designed structures at the top of the shaft. Through the installation procedure, personnel were inside the installed pipes and were protected from all hazards caused by falling stones from the shaft walls. 

Installed Project

Uva Province, Sri Lanka- 2016