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Construction of Urmia Central Main Hall Machinery System

In the most advanced performance halls and theaters in the world, modern equipment is used, which provides significant facilities to the director to better description of his ideas and special effects of the play. Safety standards and creativity in design needs, has made this market already monopolized by a few limited companies in the world.

In the project of Urmia central hall, a set of moving and adjustable equipment has been designed to picture imaginations that could not be displayed before.

Modification and installation of equipment such as orchestra lift, light bar, main curtain mechanism, lift bars and other similar equipment along with a fully advanced control system (15-inch touchscreen monitor with two joysticks with the ability to continuously speed changes) in accordance with international standards in this large hall will help the director to bring many theatrical ideas to the theater stage.

Installed Project

Urmia City, West Azerbaijan Province, Iran- 2020