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Axial Turbine Hydro Power Plant

Specifications of axial micro hydropower plants 5 kW to 100 kW

– Turbine type: Axial

– Flow rate (for each unit): 350 to 700 lit/s

– Head rate (for each unit): 3 to 10 m

– Installation: horizontal

– Easy setup and installation

– Thermal Governor 

The complete system has been designed in Durali System Design and Automation and it is ready for installation. The following tests are performed on each unit before delivery:

– Mechanical section: material testing, mechanical properties, paint and coating quality tests.

– Electrical section: voltage tolerance tests, IP.

– Hydraulic section: Checking the functionality of each equipment.

– Commissioning Tests


Target Market

– Water Treatment Plants

– Irrigation Dams

– Water Transmission Lines

Installed Project

Do Polan, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province, Iran – 2016


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