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Gilan Power Plant Air Condenser Gearbox Troubleshooting

Air condenser gearboxes are used to cool hot steam in thermal power plants to transfer power and reduce the speed of the electric motor to the fan impeller shaft.

Due to erosion and frequent breakdowns in these gearboxes, DSDA company has performed mechanical, fatigue and vibration analyzes for this equipment to find the root of the defects and has simulated the power transmission path in specialized gearbox design software (KissSys and  KISSsoft).

By analyzing the gearbox in specialized software, the life of shafts, bearings, and the reliability of the gears against defects were obtained. The main issues causing mechanical defects were investigated using static and dynamic design methods and estimating various parts’ life.
The rated power of these gearboxes are 200 kW with a conversion factor of 11.11:1.

Installed Project

Tehran Province, Iran- 2019