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Hydraulic Turning Gear Test Stand for Gas and Steam Power Plants

To test the turning gears, a special hydraulic test stand was made by DSDA Company.
Turning gear test stand is designed to test the engagement mechanism of the pinion with the main gear and its quality in three functional modes: Start-up, Shut-down and Interval Turning.

The turning gear test stand includes the following main parts:

– Body with the ability to install a turning gear body on it and the necessary protection during the test

– Rotational power generation system for rotating the main gear.

– Hydraulic system to supply oil required for turning gear.
– Control system
Generally the designed test stand consists of three parts: mechanical (frame and body), hydraulic (motor and oil supply pump) and electrical (control of main gear speed and control of hydraulic system of test stand). 


TUGA, MGT-75 and MST-55C Turbines

Target Market

Gas and Steam Power Plants


Tehran Province, Iran – 2021


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