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Siah Bisheh Liner Installation Robot

Siah bisheh hydropower plant has two inclined shafts along its penstocks (two penstocks with a distance of about 20 meters) with a length of nearly 500 meters. Installation of metal cover pipe of these two penstocks due to the difficulty and problems of installation (diameter 5 meters, the path inclination, high weight of parts, the need for high accuracy in installation, etc.) was an important problem in Siah bisheh power plant installation procedure.

Penstock pipe sections were carried and installed with a 28-ton robot with 10 degrees of freedom that can carry and install metal pipe sections up to 40 Tons in weight, 5 meters in diameter, 10 meters long, and up to a distance of 500 meters on a sloped shaft.
In this project, the angle of the tunnels is 68 degrees and their nominal diameter is 6 meters.

Durali System Design and Automation Company, by designing, manufacturing and executing the installation system, that includes pipe sections carrier and installer, installation and welding platform, elevators for personnel and equipment, improved the installation quality and reduce the execution time. 

Installed Project

Chalus City, Mazandaran Province, Iran- 2008