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Hydro Power Plant Governors

Governor is the main controlling system of a hydraulic turbine in hydropower plants. Governor is an essential system of a power plant that controls the speed and output power of the power plant by changing the water flow of the turbine. Durali System Design and Automation governors have different operating modes (power, speed, opening control, and island mode). They are designed according to IEC and IEEE standards.

Governing systems include two main parts, the main control unit, and the hydraulic power unit. DSDA is capable of designing and manufacturing the whole governing system for power plants with various turbines such as Francis, Pelton, Banki, and axial ones. Moreover, the developed knowledge and obtained information in this field, have created the ability for designing general control systems of power plants (DCS and FDS) of hydropower plants.

Durali System Design and Automation puts seven years of research and development to design governing system for hydropower plants. 9 sets of governors are installed in three different power plants and they are operating flawless after commissioning for several years.

The important achievements in developing this products are:
– Design and acquisition of technical knowledge for designing and manufacturing of hydropower plants governor.

– Design and manufacturing of hydropower plant simulator.

– Design and manufacturing of a tester for mechanical overspeed of hydro power plant. it is used for calibration.

– Design and manufacturing of special control valves with high sensitivity and accuracy.

– Design of fool proof control logic for the governor.

– Design different redundant configuration based on each power plant condition.

– Design and manufacturing of a mechanical overspeed with 1% accuracy with new mechanism.

Durali System Design and Automation is ready to design governing system for hydropower plants around the world according to the customer needs.