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Design and Manufacturing of 150 Tons Hydraulic Synchro Lifter

This machine is specially used for lifting heavy equipment vertically in loading and unloading cargoes from trailers or bogies in places where it is not possible to use heavy cranes.
The device has three pressure limiters to limit the set and prevent damage to the load by the base.

The main components of the device include the following:
 – four legs, on each sides to lift the load
 – power pack to control the oil pressure
 – hydraulic hoses to pump oil into the legs
 – electronic level sensor to determine whether the load is level with the horizon or not
 – equipment cabinet
 – electrical cabinet 
 – control system with two control panels for the main settings of the device

Being lightweight and compact, easy to install and use are the prominent features of this special device. 

Installed Project

Siah Bishe Pumped Storage Power Plant, Mazandaran Province, Iran- 2011