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Micro, Mini and Small Hydro Power Plants

Micro, mini and small hydropower plants can be installed on natural streams, rivers, pipelines of treatment plants, irrigation dams and water transmission lines. In addition to the use of renewable energy, this can be a very economically significant source of income. These power plants can provide power to an isolated small network, or sometimes main electric power networks, particularly where net metering is offered.

According to the knowledge and experiences of Durali System Design and Automation Company, for each site, it is possible to design, build, test, install and commission the power plant with francis, bankipelton and axial turbines.

According to the potential specification for power plant installation, DSDA has developed this product in three different ranges:

– Micro hydropower plants – 5 to 100 kW

– Mini hydropower plants – 100 kW to 1 MW

– Small hydropower plants – 1 to 6 MW

The main equipment and services that can be provided with these products are:

– Turbine Set

– Main Input Valve

– Asynchronous Generator (up to less than 200 kW) and Self-Excitation Synchronous Generator

– Governor System

– Transformers

– Vibration Monitoring System

– Turbine and Generator Control System

– SCADA System

– LV and MV Transmission System with Protection

– Spare Parts

– Installation, Commissioning and Training

Durali System Design and Automation has developed knowledge of hydropower plants based on years of experience in this field. We are capable of designing, installing, and commissioning small power plants (up to 6 MW).