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Liner Installation Robot

In large hydropower plants, the water stored behind the dam is delivered to the power plant (turbine) by a main pipe (penstock). Before concreting, liners (metal liners) need to be placed inside these canals to prevent corrosion of the water pipe during the power plant operation. Penstocks usually have different lengths with different geometries and large pipes weighing tens of tons must be installed inside them.

There are series of machines for the pipes installation. Durali System Design and Automation has designed and manufactured two sets of liner installation robots for Siah Bishesh and Uma Oya power plants.

The liner installation robot is responsible for carrying the pipes, centering and preparing them for welding. The robots designed by DSDA Company are custom designed and built according to the each project conditions. For example, the common method of piping in the world is installing pipes from the bottom to top. The Uma Oya robot was designed for top-down piping according to the project conditions and the excavated canal.

All parts of the machines including hydraulic, electrical, control and mechanical sections are designed and manufactured according to the the common industrial standards and all OSHA safety standards.

This machine has the ability to be used in penstock with different geometry, angles and physical characteristics.

The installation of power plant water pipes from top to bottom has been done for the first time by DSDA company and 5 international patents have been registered. We are one of the leading companies in this field.