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2MW Wind Turbine Gearbox

The purpose of using a gearbox is to transfer relatively large powers, change speed or torque, change the direction of rotation, or change the angle of rotation. Gearboxes can increase torque in exchange for speed reduction and vice versa.
In a wind turbine, an auxiliary gearbox is used to bring the rotation speed of the main rotor to the speed required by the generator. In addition to mechanical, electrical, vibrational, thermal, and fluid designs, all auxiliary equipment and standard components used, have been selected for construction and supply, taking into account the country’s internal potential.

The general specifications of the localized design of 2 MW wind turbine are:
 – rated power: 2250 kW
 – rated input speed: 17 rpm
 – rated output speed: 1800 rpm
It has one solar phase and two parallel phases.

In addition, this gearbox has a lubrication and cooling system (oil filter, mechanical and electric pump), heater, temperature and vibration sensors, air filter and other conventional components of wind turbine gearboxes. 

Installed Project

Tehran Province, Iran- 2019