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Pelton Turbine Hydro Power Plant

Specifications of Pelton micro hydropower plants

Output Power: 100 kW to 6 MW

Turbine Type: Pelton

Flow Rate (for each unit): 50 to 1000 lit/s

Head Rate (for each unit): 100 to 1000 m

Installation: Horizontal and Vertical

1 to 6 Nozzles

Electrohydraulic Control System.

The complete system has been designed in Durali System Design and Automation and it is ready for installation. The following tests are performed on each unit before delivery:

– Mechanical section: material testing, mechanical properties, paint and coating quality tests.

– Electrical section: voltage tolerance tests, IP.

– Hydraulic section: Checking the functionality of each equipment.

– Commissioning Tests


Target Market

– Water Treatment Plants

– Irrigation Dams

– Water Transmission Lines

Installed Project

Monj Power Station, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province, Iran- 2016


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