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Electrical Turning Gear for Thermal Power Plant

Turning gear in gas and steam power plants is considered as one of the most important turbine auxiliaries, which is used to speed-up the turbine during start-up and cool it down during shutdown. In other words, the turning gear prepares the initial start-up conditions and allows the rotor speed to increase without any problems. In addition, it is used to prevent deformation of the rotor and turbine casing.

This equipment includes link, middle shaft and its components, body and frame, electrical components, speed and position monitor  system. The operating temperature range of turning gear is between 10 and 70 degrees Celsius, the output speed and torque are 120 rpm and 1500 N.m.

Electrical turning gear operational modes are:
 – Start-up: turning gear prepares the initial turbine starting conditions
 – Cool down: turning gear is used to prevent excessive deflection of the turbine rotor and casing and allow the turbine parts to cool down slowly
 – Interval turning: when the shaft is in standstill mode for long period, to prevent shaft deformation, turning gear turn the turbine shaft in this mode

Due to the life of the power plants, the modernization of old systems is very important and it is possible to replace the old systems with new ones that is made by DSDA company.

Installed Project

TUGA Company– MST-55C Turbine, Tehran Province, Iran- 2021