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6DOF Simulator

One of the products of DSDA in the field of robotics, is a Stewart’s six-degree of freedom simulator. The company has designed a robot with a load capacity of 3 Tons, 1m off board load mass center, max. acceleration of 10 Meters per square second and 5 Hz band width. A sub-scale prototype was fabricated and assembled.

Device design includes three main sections: mechanical design (simulator body design and test platform), hydraulic design (hydraulic and pneumatic circuit design, oil sump design, oil pressure tank, hydraulic block, servo valve selection, electric motor and pump selection, piping, system filtration and cooling), electrical design and control logic (controller programming, electrical circuit diagram, cable and power circuit list, user interface, control and logic documents).
In addition, the platform is designed for installing different objects for testing.

Based on experiences and capabilities of DSDA in the field of designing mechanical systems and special equipment, using qualified components, the company is able to design and build simulators, electrical and electrohydraulic stabilizers and compensators based on Stewart mechanism. 

Installed Project