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Hydraulic Pump and Motor Test Bench

Many machines main driving system in factories are hydraulic pumps and motors, Ensuring their correct operation increases productivity and  reduces unpredictable stops.

In addition, testing these equipment after repair and before installation increases the quality of repair and manufacturing.  


The hydraulic pump and motor test bench features are:

 – Automatic test routine performance

 – Providing test report and performance confirmation certificate

 – Hydraulic motor and pump simultaneous testing

 – Dynamic and static tests capability

 – Adaptable to all types of hydraulic motors and pumps, such as vane, piston, gear and variable flow
 – The ability to test hydraulic pumps and motors up to 450 liters per minute flow rate and 350 bar pressure
 – The ability to measure pressure, temperature, torque and flow at any desired point on the test setup

 – Pump and hydro motor easy and quick installation

 – Touch control panel for data entering and display

 – Installing test object in a safe enclosure to reduce possible hazards

Installed Project

 Tehran Province, Iran – 2022