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Fitting, Cylinder and Hose Hydrotest and Flushing Test Bench

Hoses, fittings and hydraulic cylinders are hydraulic components that their defects can result system failure and malfunction and force unpredictable costs.
In addition to testing and cleaning received parts, it can be used for testing and flushing repaired components to reduce the unnecessary assembly cost born from possible faulty and dirty parts.


The test bench features are:

 – Hydro-testing and flushing new and used hoses up to 2 inches in size and maximum 50 meters in length

 – Testing hydraulic cylinders up to 300 bar according to the standard

 – Hose and its fittings pressure hydro-test up to max 300 bar
 – Hose and fittings flushing according to ISO 23309 standard

 – Automatic hydro-test and flushing

 – Tandum hydro-test and flushing without the need to reconnect the fittings

 – Touch screen control panel 

 – Adjustable pressure and  timing for hydro-test

 – Adjustable flow rate, temperature and timing in flushing

 – Variable flow feed pump for flushing hoses of different sizes

 – Simultaneous testing of similar hoses in series

 – Possibility of pressure testing and flushing pipes and hydraulic valves

 – Safe test enclosure to reduce possible hazards

Installed Project

 Tehran Province, Iran – 2023