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Bolt Tensioner

Bolt tensioner is a device which is used as a substitute for a hydraulic wrench to apply initial tension on large bolt and nuts sizes. Using hydraulic wrenches  is sometimes challenging due to space limitations, the need for torque transmission support, thread damage due to high friction, and etc.


Durali System Design and Automation Company has successfully designed, manufactured, tested and delivered bolt tensioners for large gas turbine main shaft assembly.

The hydraulic cylinder used in this equipment was designed for 700 bar working pressure and 2600 Ton force, taking all safety and engineering parameters into considerations. This  equipment is suitable for tightening M314 nut size.

Raw materials procurement, machining, heat treatment, high pressure seals manufacturing and assembly of this equipment were all done by DSDA using local facilities.  The potential for design and manufacturing this device for nuts with different sizes and dimensions exist.

Installed Project

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