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Blasthole Drill Operator Cabin Upgrading and Automation

Blasthole drills in mining industry are wearing out and their performance are reducing. High replacement costs of drilling machine urged this company to develop a new Operator cabin to renovate and upgrade drilling machine control system. 


The developed package includes:

 – Upgrading, design, construction and installation of operator cabin

 – Design, construction and installation of operator panel with new features

 – Design and deployment of new logic for control system 

 – Replacement of manual hydraulic valves with electric valves and relocating them outside the cabin

 – Installing GPS to accurately determine the drilling position from inside the operator’s cabin

 – Monitoring the drill penetration depth and determining rock hardness vs depth chart

 – Maintenance program (PM) reminders by the control system to the operator according to the standard

 – Warning and  error announcement system showing  on screen Farsi messages

 – Touch screen with updated user interface (UI)

 – Different access levels to change device parameters critical limitscritical 

– The possibility to issue report log of changes and commands by defined users

– Camera to show the working area around the machine inside the cabin

– Adjusting the working range of actuators In order to prevent excessive load on the machine 

– Communication possibility between the drilling machine and the central dispatching system  


Installed Project

Tehran Province, Iran- 2023