About DSDA

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"Most of projects done by DSDA have been executed for the first time in Iran (or even in the World). The products presented here show only a parts of capacities and capabilities of our resources.”


One of the important achievements of DSDA is “Coaching and Flourishing young Elite Talents of Sharif University of Technology”.



To understand the needs of the Clients;


Providing Innovative and Non-conventional Solutions for Design, Manufacturing and supply, Commissioning and Delivery of Final Product;


Commercializing Innovative Ideas by utilizing State of the Art Technology;


Intensifying Accuracy & Precision, Quality and Competitiveness of final Product;


Making Value in meeting needs of Local industry;


Localizing updated Knowledge and Technology;


Being Active in International Market;


Working with the best Enthusiast and Elite Talents;


Continuing Services through responsive after sale service.

Our Services



DSDA is capable of finding solutions to technical problems of the customers based on its acquired Knowledge and Experience.
Following project are samples of works done by this team to meet technical requirement of the Clients:
- Presenting solution and measurement of efficiency of Shahid Rajaee Hydro Power Plant;
- Quality Evaluation and remaining Life calculation of Karun III Hydro Power Plant Installed Gearbox of Main Crane (4×150 tones);
- Preparing report on present situations and investment potentials of renewable Energy development in Iran;
- Design of “Burner Rig and coating life assessment laboratory for Gas Turbine Blades”.
- Design of Spin Tester for testing disks of Large Gas Turbines;
- Design of Transportation lines of IKCO RD assembly line;
- Design of Irregular Sea Wave Generator for Flume and wave Pool;
- Consultancy and Inspection of many Special Equipment and Systems;
- …


DSDA is Capable of complete execution of the following process:

“Understanding the needs of the Clients →Design of System/Equipment to meet the requirement →Execution of Supply and manufacturing of the System/Equipment → Commissioning → Delivery of the Final Product to the Clients”

Engineering and Technical Consultancy and Services Projects

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