Pioneer and Distinguished

Since 2006, DSDA has been working on bringing ideas to the reality. We develop technologies, design machines, and manufacture them. We offer a wide range of engineering solutions and products. Our commitment to provide high quality services, our promptitude in finding engineering solutions, and our creative, professional team, made us distinguished and pioneer in the field of engineering.


  • Quality comes first

DSDA holds an outstanding reputation for its products’ qualities. We care about every simple part of our products. Our strict QC procedure insures that nothing is left behind and everything works properly.


  • Professional team

DSDA benefits a highly skilled team of engineers who look for new challenges and innovative solutions. Graduated from the best universities of Iran, our team are capable of developing new technologies and bringing them to the application.


  • Powerful after-sales services

DSDA provides full support for its products. Training and related manuals, spare-parts and repairs for the expected lifetime, and a generous guarantee (normally for 10 years after assembly/delivery) are the list of the after-sales services that we offer to support our products.

The following pages will provide you with more information about each of our fields of activity. We are eagerly waiting for working with you. Contact us at (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)